Online Registration and Hotel Reservations are no longer available. 
REGISTRATION: To register onsite for the IATA World Cargo Symposium, stop by the IATA Registration Desk at the Hilton Istanbul.

HOTEL RESERVATIONS: To make a new hotel reservation or to cancel or change an existing reservation, you will need to contact the hotels directly.

Hilton Istanbul
Cumhuriyet Caddesi Harbiye
Istanbul, Turkey, 34367
Tel: +90-212-315-6000

Hilton ParkSA
Bayildim Caddesi, No 12, Macka
Istanbul, Turkey, 34357
Tel: +90-212-310-1200

Grand Hyatt Istanbul
Taskisla Caddesi, Taksim,
Istanbul, Turkey 34437

Tel: +90 212 368 1234    Fax: +90 212 368 1000

Point Hotel Istanbul
Topçu Caddesi No.2 Taksim - Ýstanbul /Turkey
t+90 212 313 5000
f+90 212 313 5030 

The IATA rate was available until February 23rd.  Use the attached reservation form to contact the hotel for room and rate availability.
To make a reservation at the Point Hotel click here for the reservation form. 
Print the form.  Complete all required information.  
This form must be sent directly to the hotel.
Please Note: Signature is required for the form to be valid.

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