2024 Membership Application


Thank you for applying to the IATA Ground Handling Partner (GHP) program.
The IATA Ground Handling Partner membership is valid from 1st January 2024 to 31st December 2024.
Membership fees for the calendar year 2024 will apply in full without pro-ration.

  • Please review carefully the IATA Ground Handling Partner Terms & Conditions before finalizing this application. By finalizing this application you agree with the terms and conditions set out for the IATA Ground Handling Partner Agreement 2024.
  • An e-mail from ghp@iata.org containing the invoice in the same format as the confirmation page will be sent to you after the completion of your application.
  • A 2024 membership certification will be sent to your company once the payment has been received.



*Select your payment method*

2024 IATA Ground Handling Partnership (GHP) $3,500.00

For Credit Card or IATA Clearing House payments only. 

2024 IATA Ground Handling Partnership (GHP) $3,600.00
For Bank / Wire Transfer payments, includes bank fee

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For more details or questions, please contact ghp@iata.org
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